• “The price is fantastic, the content rocks and Kate is very pro-active and forever wanting to help us with more and more ideas so thank you for allowing us into your world of secrets."

    BelindaA Mums Dream (www.amumsdream.com)
  • “I've had SO many ah-ha moments and it's really helped me put the pieces of the blogging puzzle together…  it's like having a blogging guru at your fingertips."

    LeonieThe Style Insider (www.thestyleinsider.co.nz)
  • “The course is full of valuable information, lesser known advice and handy tips and ….. Kate is incredibly engaged and supportive - it feels like you're being taught by an old friend!"

    ElyseNotes On Bliss (www.notesonbliss.com)
  • "Secret Bloggers Business has been an amazing way for me to begin my blogging journey. I literally started my blog in week one and I cannot believe how much I've achieved in the few short weeks thus far. Kate is down-to-earth, supportive and knows everything there is to know about creating a successful blog that not only creates revenue but also creates value for your readers. I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone that's wanted to start their own blog or take their existing blog to the next level!"

    MadeleineThe Daily Mark (www.thedailymark.com.au)
  • "SBB is the most amazing and eye-opening experience I have been a part of. Working in Public Relations, I thought I knew the ins and outs of blogging from both sides of the fence. This course not only showed that I didn't even know half of it! But more importantly how I can make my blog appeal to advertisers, to ultimately reach my goal of receiving full income from my blog. The Facebook group has been absolutely beneficial in this course and I have made so many connections from this group alone. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a blogger!"

    PaigeBlonderful (www.blonderful.com)