So you've been at this blogging caper for a little while (or maybe even for as long as you can remember). But no matter how long you've been bashing away at the keyboard, or even how much success you have or haven't had, every single blogger has days when they just don't feel like doing it anymore. Maybe it's really sunny outside and everyone else is at the beach. Or maybe you are just really frustrated because you feel like you are just treading water and not getting anywhere. Or maybe you just can't bare the thought of writing another post about the re-return of bloody block heels (or is that just me?!).

No matter what the reason, everyone lacks a little motivation every now and again. But the difference between those that make their blog a success, and those that say 'Oh, I used to blog a bit', is that one knew what they had to do to keep on going, and the other went and watched a Friends marathon instead.

If you're having one of those days when you really just can't be arsed (it is a long weekend this weekend, so really I don't blame you!!), then read one because on of these amazing been-there, done-that bloggers might just have the key to kick-starting your motivation once again!


My best ever tip for ... staying motivated is...

- "Take regular breaks​" - Stacey,

- "Having a plan!! If I don't have a weekly plan I would never get anything done. I make sure that on a Sunday night I make a list of everything I want to achieve that week. Having it done is black and white makes it so much easier for me to stay on track and it's a great feeling to 'tick' things off as you go along." - Robyn,

- "Write about what you love." - Maxabella,

- "I always like to think about the lovely reader comments I receive on my posts and how much my stories have been of value to them. This is one of the reasons I love to blog, I love helping others through my stories and experience, it’s what really motivates me." - Eva,

- "Always leave something incomplete when you finish for the day. That way there is something easy to get started with the next day that you know you want to work on." - Glenda,

- "To take the pressure off. Pressure kills creative voice." - Sash,

- "Have a plan and an end result in mind which can be measured. Once you hit the goal it's the best feeling ever." - Rashida,

- "Don’t overcommit, one quality post a week is better than three or four mediocre posts." - Jaz,

- "Love what you do. Choose topics that inspire you and it will never feel like work." - Carly,


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 Got any other tips for how to stay motivated when you hit a blogging slump? Share it with us in the comments below!





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